The Art of Rhythm Workshop

Drumming feeds the sense of community, our inter-connection
and allows us to playfully communicate with each other.
Explore that awesome feeling to engage
in the natural movement of a rhythm
and melt into it.
Your mind becomes still and your hands dance on their own on the drum.

Suddenly the group pulsates as one big organism
and a deeply satisfying feeling of “flowing together” arises.

In this 4 hour workshop:

  • you find your very own sense of rhythm
  • you explore the world of rhythm, movement & sound
  • you learn to listen consciously and to play in a group
  • creative blockages may disappear
  • you experience “active meditation”
  • and of course you learn cool rhythms

Duration 4hours
Costs: 44€


The Art of Rhythm – One to One Lessions
For frame drum, djembe, cajon or darbukka
tailored to your needs:

Improve your body-awareness & sense of rhythm in a joyful way
Learn simple and more complex rhythms and how to accompany songs
with your drum.

Duration: 1h
Costs: 40 €

180 € for 5 lessions 
350 € for 10 lessions