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The Mayan Heart of Knowledge – Journey to Guatemala 1 – 14 March 2024

März 14

🌿 [ENGL] Once again, we embark on an extraordinary journey to the heart of Mayan culture.🌿
This expedition is dedicated to the exploration of the wisdom of natural forces – Naguales – and our inner selves. This means that our focus will primarily be on delving into ancient culture, meeting the guardians of knowledge, and exploring ancient sites in the jungle. We will partake in Traditional Fire Ceremonies, Cacao Ceremonies, meditations, and physical practices while immersing ourselves in the exotic nature.
🗺️We will head to the Petén region, a lake in northern area of Guatemala, deep within the tropical zone. Our nights will be spent by the shores of a pristine, picturesque lake and in tents deep in the jungle.
🌄Our days will be filled with visits to ancient Mayan temples and power sites. We will have the opportunity to climb some of the pyramids, meditate atop of them, and witness sunrise and sunset over the jungle horizon. We will take a boat across the lake inhabited by crocodiles to reach the structures of the ancient Maya, hidden in a small island.
🌊We will traverse the ancient land known as the territory of water magicians. A multi-day trek through the jungle will take us to archeoastronomical excavation sites. We will visit places inhabited by thousands of bats that take flight daily in search of food.
🦜This jungle is strictly protected and abounds with over 300 bird species, howler monkeys, spider monkeys, and a wealth of tropical fauna. We will become acquainted with the wild and untouched nature. In total, we will cover over 60 kilometers on foot, exploring the jungle and the remnants of the ancient civilization.
🪷Spending time in such an environment is a wonderful experience for the body. It allows us to feel at home, reset our nervous system, and draw inspiration for our lives. Being far from electromagnetic smog, in the wilderness, acts as both a physical and spiritual spa.
☀️We will visit important places for the ancient Maya civilization, such as Tikal, Yaxha, Topoxte, Uaxactun, Sotz’, Ak’tun Kan caves, and others.
🐆Our main guide in the jungle will be the Black Jaguar, serving as both a tour and spiritual guide of tradition. With him, we will uncover the secrets and mysteries of nature, as well as the Maya history. Experienced jungle guides and mules to carry our luggage will also accompany us.
🔥At ancient Maya altars, we will participate in Traditional Fire Ceremonies led by local elders. We will connect with the spirit
of the Ceiba tree and activate our memory through guided meditative practices.
📜These ceremonies are a discovery of primal wisdom and power that each of us carries within, along with a cohesive cosmological vision of wisdom in the order of phenomena. These rituals aim to restore our harmony on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, release accumulated energetic burdens, restore both physical and psychological health, and, above all, open us up to ancient knowledge inherent in each of us, regardless of the culture we were raised in.
🧘‍♀️During the journey, we will dedicate time to work on our inner dimension and our bodies through exercises, practices, archetypal constellations, regression, and breath work.
🌈We will ensure that we spend quality time together and return with new knowledge, fresh energy, and a deeper sense of connection with our inner wisdom. This journey is not a commercial tourist excursion; it’s a collective step in self-improvement on the path to becoming better individuals.
🍀Therefore, we select individuals for the journey who understand the importance of learning and respect for foreign cultures, the sacred land of the Mayan ancestors, and the customs that prevail there. If you have received this description or come across it in another way, it likely means that you are such a person.
✈️The entire journey lasts for 14 days, including the days of meeting at Guatemala City airport and the day of departure.
👉The program includes:
– Visiting sacred sites, temples, and ancient cities,
– Trekking through the jungle with experienced guides,
– Workshops on Mayan cosmology, learning the archetypes of the Mayan Calendar,
– Traditional Mayan Fire Ceremonies,
– Cacao Ceremonies,
– Daily meditations and exercises,
– A trip to a market with traditional products, meeting with folklore and crafts culture.
👉The journey will be led by:
Tommy Harevis and Agnieszka Sypek-Piniak, experienced travelers and longtime adepts of Mayan Tradition.
March 1-14, 2024
Throughout the entire journey, each person will have individual
guidance and support from our guides.
✅Upon joining the journey, you will receive all the information regarding preparations, a list of what to bring, and more to make your experience the best it can be.
📬Feel free to reach out to us via email to secure your spot, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.
We warmly welcome you to join us!
Many blessings! ☀️
Agnieszka & Tommy


März 14


Agniezska & Tommy