Guitar Lessons

It is a great pleasure for me to support people to find their musical expression.

What do I have to offer?
Many years of experience on the stages of the world as a composer, musician, guitarist, singer and band leader.
Over the years I have played with countless people,
from classical ensembles to heavy metal bands, jazz orchestras, electronic producers and in healing music circles, ceremonies,…
It’s always nice for me to experience, no matter what age you are, whether you’re a beginner or a graduated musician, when you catch the note of your soul and share it with the world. It is truly magical when people authentically live their expression.

My latest offer is called “Multidimensional Music Lessons”. Music is truly multidimensional, as is our being. In the hours with me, apart from the practical craft, you will also learn timeless wisdom from native traditions, how to deal with the elements. We take astrology as a good basis for this journey of discovery, getting to know ourselves in its profundity.