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P A B L O  J
Dancing Blue Deer

It is said that wherever the blue deer leaves its footprints, it also leaves a blessing.
Music is the language of the soul, so directly and simply does it reach everyone, regardless of culture, language or race.
Music that connects, music that brings joy, music that sets things in motion.
This is the intention of my music project “Dancing Blue Deer”,
to leave the places we play more beautiful, to give people hope and inspiration on their way.

The art of a new era.

 For many years I have had the pleasure of sharing music on stages around the world, from concerts in the stadium in front of ten thousand people, to weddings, funerals, christenings, parties and ceremonies in many forms.

Does my music appeal to you?!
Then get in touch with me and book a special experience for you and your loved ones.
Do you have a special theme for your festivity?
Do you have a special band formation in mind?
Acoustic, electronic, trio, quartet, orchestra?
Among my friends, I consider myself very lucky
to have many gifted musicians who love to join our event.