Tales from the journeys with live music.



Exceptional meeting with tales and live music!

Harevis (Tomasz Czyba), traveller and musician will share stories from his meetings with representatives of Tz’utujil tribe, who are recognized as ones of the alive descendents of the great Mayan Civilization.

Harevis will talk about the details of journeys to the depths of the jungle visiting biggest archeological sites of Mesoamerica. We will hear about secrets kept by sacred cities such as el Mirador, Tikal, Tintal, Zotz.

He will reveal for us the meaning of ancient rituals performed by indigenous tribes of those lands. Fire ceremonies, cacao ceremonies, shamans and their role in tribal societies.

Slide show from the journey with tales will be accompanied by music played live using various world instruments.

Price of the show is calculated individually depending on type, place and date of event. All the conditions are to be discussed. I invite you to contact me..