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Vocal Lessons with Pia

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(c) Isabella Hewlett
(c) Isabella Hewlett

The Art of vocal expression is a full body workout as well as an individual and quite intimate journey of the soul. 

I offer a safe space to explore the unique qualities of your voice and to investigate your personal sound and emotional Expression.  It is a guided self experience for self empowerment and to find joy & confidence in life through your voice. 

With playful but good structured voice exercises you will develop the fundamentals of singing (Breath & Support, Posture, Placement, etc..) and establish a vital and healthy way of thinking, singing and speaking. 

These vocal lessons are ideal for people with and without any experience,  as well as advanced singers who want to improve their vocal skills and find their own unique vocal expression.

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Vocal & Music Coaching – Lukas & Pia

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We want to offer you our both experiences as musicians and teachers and invite you to join us for a private coaching.

For Couples, Friends & Family as well as Individuals 😉

Subjects of the Lessons can be:

  • Vocal – Breath – Body Exercises
  • Singing harmonies / multiple voices
  • Songwriting: lyrics, harmonies, arrangement, composition
  • Rhythmic Training
  • Partner exercises
  • How to tune into the voice of your singing partner
  • How to practice together
  • Authentic Expression – Performance
  • Improvisation
  • Singing while playing an instrument / accompanying each other

After the coaching you will receive a Pdf with a summary of your lesson + instrumental/playbacks for your exercises + a recording of the video.

60,-     per unit á 90 minutes

160,-   3x – 90minutes

250,-   5x – 90minutes