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Vocal Lessons

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With Lukas

Singing is one of the most beautiful ways to express ourselves creatively. When we sing we open to the world and ourselves in a very pure way an get access to our own uniqueness. I invite you into a safe space where you can explore your voice no matter what experience you have.Through exercises, Songs, Improvisation and Meditation I support everyone individually in the way it serves him/her the best.

  • Breathing and Body exercises to activate ourselves and bring us into a state of wellbeing.
  • Technical exercises for the voice (Working on Sound, Range and easiness while singing)
  • Improvisation
  • Experience rhythm through your Body & Voice
  • Working with music and songs that inspires you.
  • If you always wanted to write your own song I would be happy to support you.
  • How to overcome blockages of singing or expressing ourselves naturally.
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Vocal & Music Coaching – Lukas & Pia

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We want to offer you our both experiences as musicians and teachers and invite you to join us for a private coaching.

For Couples, Friends & Family as well as Individuals 😉

Subjects of the Lessons can be:

  • Vocal – Breath – Body Exercises
  • Singing harmonies / multiple voices
  • Songwriting: lyrics, harmonies, arrangement, composition
  • Rhythmic Training
  • Partner exercises
  • How to tune into the voice of your singing partner
  • How to practice together
  • Authentic Expression – Performance
  • Improvisation
  • Singing while playing an instrument / accompanying each other

After the coaching you will receive a Pdf with a summary of your lesson + instrumental/playbacks for your exercises + a recording of the video.

60,-     per unit á 90 minutes

160,-   3x – 90minutes

250,-   5x – 90minutes